Static Frequency Converter

Built to last, our Static Frequency Converters converts multiple input voltages 208 thru 600 VAC 50/60 Hz to your choice of the below aircraft outputs. Our Static Frequency Converters are available in your choice of mobile or hangar mounted configurations.

-115VAC 400Hz



SFC Cart

Our Static Frequency Converters Carts covert 440/220 VAC 50/60 Hz input power in your choice of up to three outputs including 115VAC 400Hz, 270VDC, and 28VDC output power. These carts are built to withstand shipboard environments to laboratories.

Hangar Module

The AGEC Hangar module features an integrated power frequency converter.  The Hangar Module provides up to three modes of power output:  270 VDC Output, 400 Hz Output, and 28 VDC Output.  Additionally, the Hangar Module offers multiple unit output paralleling and remote operation for use in hangar or laboratory environments.

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