Mobile Load Bank

Our 100% Solid State Mobile Load Banks are capable of providing resistive, reactive, and pulsed load aircraft simulation testing of shipboard and land-based power units such as MEPPs, MMGs, Frequency Converters, and more.

Standard Features

Our Mobile Load Banks feature a friendly and smart user interface control panel for ease of operation and maintenance. With this system, operators or maintainers of the Mobile Load Banks will constantly be updated on the status of all operating systems related to the MLB. Such systems include electrical, safety, and control.

Standard Features

The internal operating, control, and monitoring systems are fully programmable and digital, with Built-In-Test capability. They also have the ability to run many pre-programmed load profiles, and to simulate aircraft, avionics, pulsed loads, and more.

The next generation of 100% Solid State Mobile Load Banks

These Mobile Load Banks can handle it all — they include overload capability in all modes, they have a weather protected input power panel with aircraft receptacle connectors, an integrated enclosure with trailer assembly, rugged 4-wheel running gear, and ruggedized resistive load elements and reactors.

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