F-35 Diesel Cart

The 270 VDC Diesel Power Cart (DPC) is a four wheeled, manually propelled vehicle designed for flight deck conditions as well as land based theaters. The cart features an integrated power frequency converter allowing for three modes of operation: Diesel Input, Facility Input, and 50/60 Hz Output.The cart incorporates user interactive “smart” operator’s control panel with Built-In-Test diagnostics with fault recording.  It is compliant to military specifications and rugged environments.

Standard Features

  • DC Output: 270 VDC Main,72 KW, Meets LMCO F-35 Requirements DC Output:270VDC
  • Auxiliary, 4.05 KW, Meets LMCO F-35 Requirements AC Output: 380/460 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
  • 80 KW, Meets NATO STANAG 4135

Standard Features​​​​​

  • Engine: EPA Tier 3, EU STAGE III A, Low Emissions Compliant
  • Smart Control User Interface
  • Built-InTest Diagnostics (BIT) with Fault Recording
  • Rugged Four-Wheeled Trailer, Hand Brake System, AS 8090,Type 1, Class2, Group C


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