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With its 359° rotation, optional 20 kW generator and ability to light up the job-site from its extended 30 ft (9.1 m) floodlight tower, the Terex® AL™5 light tower is designed to give you ultimate work-site flexibility.


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  • Features & Options


  • 16” lamps 4 X 1000 W metal halide lights with Kubota engine and 6kW generator which provides quiet 71 dBA at 23 feet and fuel efficient 60 hour run time.
  • Durable 30’ fully galvanized mast with dual self-braking winch design, 359 degree rotation, and retractable mast cable gives excellent illumination at long distances.
  • Standard engine protection includes high water temperature and low oil auto shutdowns.
  • Quick disconnect lights and ballasts allow for easy troubleshooting, service, and repair.
  • Standard DOT approved run, stop and turn lights
  • Compact design allows up to 10 units per truck while single point lifting eye and forklift pockets provide for easy loading and unloading
  • Highway safety chains with snap hook


Chassis Options

  • Dome light with switch, 12V
  • Export racking and preparation
  • Hitch, 2 1/2 in. ring
  • Hitch, 2 5/16 in. ball
  • Hitch, combination ring and ball
  • Spare tire and wheel

Engine Options

  • 6 kW, 60 Hz generator with 15.3 hp Perkins® diesel
  • 7 kW, 50 Hz generator with 13.6 hp Kubota® diesel
  • Automatic air shutdown
  • Fuel/water separator filter
  • Fuel/water separator with fuel line heater

Tower Options

  • 4 horizontally mounted lights, cast aluminum square housing
  • 19” lamps 4 X 1000W metal halide lights

Cold Weather Options

  • Cold weather package including: 700 CCA battery, battery heater blanket, engine block heater and low temperature coolant (-40F)