ADV 140/180kVA 115/200 VAC 400Hz Solid State


The Hobart PowerMaster ADV 400Hz Solid State frequency has become the industry standard in 400Hz converters.  The Hobart PoWerMaster ADV it combines state-of-the-art technology and over 55 years of ground support experience to provide the highest quality power under the most demanding conditions. The PowerMaster ADV  features advanced system diagnostics, for easy service and simplified fault reporting and maintenance. With a wide array of output ratings available, optional 28.5 VDC output and a broad choice of input voltage configurations, this unit has the versatility to provide power to all aircraft from the smaller commuter airplanes to the largest wide-body jets. State-of-the-art design, easy of use, and power reliability are among the many reasons the PoWerMaster ADV has set a new industry standard.The PowerMaster ADV is available in your choice of 140kVA  or 180kVA configurations. The PowerMasterADV is the perfect choice for commercial or military applications with the flexibility to be trailer, stationary, or bridge mounted.   The ADV is proudly made in the USA.


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• IGBT PWM switching technology
• Clean, reliable power
• NBPT compatibility
• Lightest weight in the industry
• User-friendly controls
• Easy access for service
• Rust-free aluminum enclosure
• Built-in input power circuit breaker
• Memory stores 200 events for >30 years
• Measures power flow (kWh)
• High efficiency for low operating costs
• ETL (UL1012 and CSA) Certification
• Advanced diagnostics
• 12 pulse rectifier for lower ITHD
• Built-in Line-Drop Compensation
• Simplified fault reporting & maintenance
• Protected against input power micro-breaks
• 12 pulse rectifier for lower ITHD


• Dual output
• Parallel Kit
• 600V 50/60 Hz line input
• Trailer or bridge mounted
• Remote control station
• CE kit
• ETL (UL1012 and CSA) Certification

Data Sheet

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