AGEC Delivers 50th Diesel and Electric Carts to Lockheed Martin

Aviation Ground Equipment Corp. Team Proudly Displays the 100 Unit Milestone for LMCO F-35 JSF Carts

Aviation Ground Equipment Corp reached a Milestone in the F-35 Program in June 2016 when it delivered to Lockheed Martin the 50th Diesel Cart and 50th Electric Cart in support of LRIP 6 & 7 and 8 & 9 respectively. The Diesel and Electric carts are manufactured in our facility in Franklin, OH and meet all of the F-35 specifications.  The carts successfully completed Engineering Evaluation Testing (EET) in January of 2015, immediately followed by successfully completing Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP), functional test and First Article Inspection (FAI).  Production continues in earnest through 2017 .

WRITTEN BY Anthony Marafino

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Aviation Ground Equipment Corp. Electric Cart at F-35 training aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)

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